DV8Fitness Kettlebell Training, Indian Club Training and Group Class

Indian Clubs initially gained popularity in the United States in the late 1800’s. Dr. Ed Thomas grew up in Davenport, Iowa and over a period of many decades became the modern day leader of this restorative art form. Jeremy Levin, the head physical training advisor to the US Navy Seals calls Dr. Thomas, "A world class physical educator ... a gifted teacher who recognized many years ago the power of training concepts that are cutting edge today."

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to begin study under Dr. Thomas in 2010 and have been given the honor to pass on his teachings both in this country and globally. He has chosen to no longer instruct the public.


One-to-one sessions, or small group sessions including you and a friend. Maximum of three students at once.

DV8Fitness is not a boot camp. Your work here will never be the cookie cutter beat-up-the-one-body-you-have sessions that you will find at most training facilities now. There is a reason for that—quick fixes have held the same result in disciplines throughout the ages.

Anyone can make someone sweat. There is no magic to that.

We challenge you to use your intellect here. Do not go blindly into the lure that sweat and pain you will have to heal later in life—or fix now with consistent medical treatments along the way—is equal to strength or physical wellness.

Begin on your road to master the basics. Find and then own your strength. Proceed to the sexier and more advanced movements from there, if you choose.

The tried and true methods we lost with the ancients kept armies strong and bodies at peak performance until the mind's final days.

Gain the tools to continue on your own, or keep refining and striving to reach greater goals in additional sessions at the facility. Your physical future is in your hands. We challenge you to choose wisely now. You will have yourself to thank in the future.



DV8Fitness offers indoor classes at our location in King of Prussia, PA. In class, we cover important concepts like tension, hinging, irradiation, leakage, lockout, taming the arc., etc. Simple steps that may sound intimidating, but are integral to strength and conditioning as well as the practice of Kettlebells. All will be explained using hands-on drills, and you will be cued through the movements, not left alone to fend for yourself sink-or-swim style. You have the opportunity here to be cued, no less, directly by one of only a dozen Masters across the globe.

If you are looking to beat your body into submission that will have to be healed in the years to come, this is not the place for you. If you are looking to hone the one body that you have and own each movement it makes, building undeniable strength with each class that you take, you've found home, and our doors are open to help you achieve that.

Your body is a privelege, and keeping it well is a right.

Kettlebells are provided at class. 

Anyone can attend these classes, at any level of experience—beginner and beyond. 

Phil Scarito, Master SFG, FMS, CICS

610.306.3627—phil@dv8fitness.com—DV8Fitness, Inc. -- Phil Scarito