Client and Instructor Testimonials

I was fortunate enough to not only have Phil as my teacher at the HKC, but as my Team Leader for the RKC. Phil's teaching ability is second to none. He is tough on his students and expects a lot, but he cares enough that he wants you to succeed and will do everything in his power to make sure you do. His demonstrations are incredible (one of the best Turkish Get Ups you will ever see) and his verbal coaching is spot on. Phil's passion shines through in everything he does. Definitely one of the best teachers out there.

By Anthony Renna / White Plains, US

He not only pushes me past where I think I can go but he's there every step of the way. I have enjoyed lifting for a long time but never used the muscles Phil pushes me to use. I feel stronger than ever and can't believe how much fun I've had getting there! As a Mom of three kids, I also love his drive to make exercise smart, not time consuming. The kettlebell is also so unique, they all want to see what I do with it!

Judy Newman / Glen Mills, PA


I had the honor of introducing this talented young instructor to the RKC in 2007. Within 6 months he had his certification. Within 8 months of that, he had assisted as a teacher at two certifications. He is now a Level II certified Instructor, and has performed countless man-hours of work to bring a full scale Dragon Door Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certification to Philadelphia.

Phil Scarito is the top RKC II Instructor in southeastern PA and will soon be promoted again, if his track record is any indicator. I am motivated to teach with him and pleased to have turned students over to him when I ventured west in 2007.

Do not delay in attending a training event with Phil Scarito's DV8 Fitness.

Senior Instructor
Will Williams
July 2009

I recently attended an RKC certification in Downingtown, PA with Phil as my Team Leader. Phil is inspirational to say the least. He has a big personality, and a big presence. His passion for kettlebell training came through in everything he said throughout the weekend. He pushed us hard, and because of this I set a PR on my kettlebell military press. Anyone looking to achieve their personal best in any physical endeavor, go see Phil! If you're looking to start a journey toward becoming an RKC, go see Phil!

By Angel Otero, RKC / Stafford, VA, USA

Phil is a great instructor, before this year I had no idea what kettle bells were until I started taking his classes and one on one sessions and I've seen a massive transformation in my performance and body overall. My running has improved greatly since I started and many things that seemed impossible like swinging a 70lb kettle bell were made easy because of Phil's great way of putting things across and helping you to understand that with the right technique you can do anything. I would highly suggest you try out one of his classes.

By Shea Black / Pennsylvania

How appropriate that I get to be the 40th review for this DYNAMO??!! As a 40 year old mom of 3 young children, who has battled with the ups and downs on the scale, I am here to tell you.....PHIL SCARITO IS YOUR MAN!! Look no further for a trainer. Phil will change your life. Most clients in their reviews above have touched on Phil's "tough guy" status. Saying how intense his workouts are and how hard he pushes you without you even realizing what is happening. All true!! But I am here to tell you that he has an even bigger "soft side". His heart is made of gold. He wants nothing more than to see you reach your fitness goals. He cares, really cares. This is not just a job for him. And when you do reach your goals...which you will on his watch...he will celebrate right along with you, LITERALLY!

TEAM SCARITO is etched on my heart!
Allison Allieri Hayden - Wayne, PA

I had been training with kettlebells for about a year when I signed up for the October 2011 RKC certification in Philadelphia. To that point I had mostly been learning from books and videos so I knew I could use a little (alright, a lot) of help with my technique. As a personal trainer myself, I'm not use to going to someone else for help with training, but from the moment I met Phil I knew I was training with someone who knew his stuff. Phil was immediately able to identify problems with my kettlebell techniques and gave me multiple different cues to correct them (a trait that is essential in a good trainer). I learned more from Phil in our first couple of sessions than I learned from a year of training by myself. Being able to work with a Team Leader prior to attending the big weekend has been invaluable . So if you are training for the RKC and live in the Philadelphia area, training with Phil Scarito is a must.

By Todd Semplice, D.C., NSCA-CPT / Chesterbrook, USA

Phil's workout is definitely far from ordinary, and that's in a good way. For Phil it's technique, quality over quantity. My 14 year old son has been attending Phil's classes for a year now and I have seen a change in the way he play football and baseball, recovery is a lot quicker than the other kids.

I am currently doing a weight loss program with Phil that has helped me lose 8 1/2 lbs. in two weeks. Phil is great to work with and is always thinking if different ways to improve the workouts he provides. As a person who smoked for 20 years and has quit for 8 months, Phil has helped regain my breathing and health back. Phil is always striving to be the best at what he does, a workout far from ordinary.

By Les Glauner / King of Prussia

It comes down to this... Phil ROCKS! His workouts are as tough as tough can get but the time seems to fly by because he is always changing it up. His workouts are NEVER boring or monotonous. I have been working out with Phil for just a month and I was hoping to just see some results. I am already in pretty good shape but wanted to take off another 5 lbs. and tone up. In one month, I have lost 14 lbs., have a flat stomach and look long and lean. It is incredible. Phil always has a positive attitude and a genuine smile (even if you are shooting him daggers for how hard you are working). He is great with instructions, getting into the exercise with you if you need to see how it's done. I thought I would just have him train me for a month but he is addicting and I am most certainly going to keep training with him.

Dina Dori - Wayne, PA

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