About Phil Scarito, Certified RKC, CK-FMS Instructor

Phil Scarito, Master SFG Instructor, FMS, CICS—Owner, DV8Fitness

Located in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Scarito is one of the few Master kettlebell instructors worldwide. Also a Certified Indian Club Instructor who had the honor of studying the ancient art under Dr. Ed Thomas, Phil Scarito has gone on to host the most prolific Indian Club courses in modern time with this brilliant pioneer, alongside good friend and Chief/Master SFG Brett Jones.

Having also hosted a number of the most successful FMS certifications in participant number to date across the country, Scarito was the first to introduce and host the 3-day FMS combo course (1–day Certification and 2–day Advanced Corrective Movements) and went on to organize the most highly attended FMS combo courses in the country. Currently assistant instructing for the organization, he is a longstanding Functional Movement Specialist through Gray Cook’s FMS system.

Phil Scarito continues to host and instruct a number of the most well attended kettlebell, bodyweight, lifting, and Indian Club courses across the country. If you are a coach, enthusiast, or physical practitioner of any kind, be sure to check out the list of his events and courses this year, located on the right side of the Home Page.


With the kettlebell as his primary tool of choice, it is a combination of kettlebells, Indian Clubs, FMS, and barbell training that has proven to keep no personal physical goal out of his reach. Having combined these tools for students based on their individuals needs, he has yet to find a better training system that offers almost superhero flexibility, strength, and conditioning all at one time.

Scarito provides high level training to other instructors in many of the fitness disciplines. Whether he's working with an instructor, professional athlete, or weekend/weekday warrior—any age—his mission rests in teaching students correct form, spot-on technique, and proper movement patterns. It's his duty to help you understand the importance of why you move the way you do, guide you through the implementation of corrective movements to correct imbalances, and then use his chosen tools of the trade to offer you true maximized physical potential, all without injury.

Instructing kettlebell classes and private sessions, as well as small group and corporate trainings, he is called in for small to large group and corporate sessions as well across the country. With a list of clientele that includes elite military personnel, SWAT teams, detectives, physicians, physical therapists, athletes, athletic trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, pilates and yoga instructors, other SFG's, those wishing to pass their SFG I/SFG II/SFB/SFL, those looking to become an Iron Maiden or Beast Tamer … and many more ... he also instructs folks in the lay community, including young athletes. The key is in promoting proper technique, maximized strength, flexibility, and agility.


Having obtained great success in the industry for over a decade himself, Phil Scarito's mentors and colleagues within the fields of kettlebells, powerlifting, Indian club swinging, and FMS include Pavel Tsatsouline, Marty Gallagher, Brett Jones, Dr. Ed Thomas, Brad Gillingham, Charlie Weingroff, etc.—he has even shared a power rack with (and picked the brain of) lifting legend Kirk Karwoski. Honored to have followed this path, Scarito has combined the knowledge he has gained as a student himself through this experience, passing the best of what he has learned from each of these personal friends—and industry pioneers—to his students. 


If you are a serious and committed student who truly wants to learn the principles and techniques of strength training, or if you have a high level goal that you have yet been able to reach, contact Phil at Phil@DV8fitness.com. You can find him on Facebook at DV8FItness, Inc - - Phil Scarito.